Biting the hand that feeds

I attended an Awards do last night. It was actually a great evening as it didn’t follow the usual convention of most (i.e. drink too much in the bar, get ushered in for a mediocre meal, hear a celeb recycle some jokes and then sit through 300 derivatives of the same award). Instead, entertainment came in wave after wave and all seemed fresh and well-received.

However, maybe its just me but I always feel uncomfortable if the host, in this case Jimmy Carr, anchors his routine around taking the piss out of the industry for which the Awards are held. Its a fine line. Many people work very hard to win such awards and it leaves an unpleasant taste if their big night is mocked, often pretty vociferously. As I say, maybe its just me but I maintain, its a fine line.

(Not so fine as to prevent me stealing a couple of jokes though..)